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Reasons Why You Should Hire Day Porter During COVID-19

Reasons Why You Should Hire Day Porter During COVID-19

Just when the world started having a little sigh of relief with less number of COVID-19 cases being reported, the evidence of a new strain of Coronavirus again put people in a state of agitation. Businesses are more strung out as they have to stay open amidst the unwholesome situation, thus urging them to be quite heedful regarding their on-premises hygiene and cleanliness.

Hiring Day porter services are a seamless idea to revamp the in-house cleaning protocols, especially when the current cleaning program is insufficient. Being an expert in the field, they manage to clean and disinfect offices, even during the unique operations hours.

Concerning the emerging role of day porter as a front-line worker in COVID-19, let’s know why businesses should jump on the bandwagon.

  • To Withstand Flu And Infection

With a hefty number of employees working at the workplace, the chances of spreading infection are quite high. Day porters act against the fact by involving themselves in regular cleaning and sanitization of the place. They also provide satisfactory disinfecting cleaning services and ensure utter safety at the major touch areas where traffic is often high.

  • Ensures Neatness During High Traffic Hours

The scope of untidiness and spread of germs is usually high during the increased traffic hours, as people walk in and throughout the office. Day porters act as personal employees and aim to watch out for the office's daily needs. Upon analyzing the area with substantial foot traffic, they work to keep the office clean and presentable. Surprisingly, this not only helps to bring safety for employees but also attracts potential customers for the best of business growth.

  • Provides 24/7 Services

One of the major reasons behind preferring day porters is that they work round the clock. Businesses that operate during odd hours or are open 24/7 can get the most out of the role of day porter. Simply because they also present night cleaning services, as a result of which they clean and disinfect the workplace for employees.

  • Extended Services to Enhance Business Image

Corporate businesses can have immense peace of mind in terms of their on-premises cleanliness by hiring day porter. The reason being, along with general cleaning and disinfection services, they play a significant role in decluttering the place to make it look well-groomed. They would collect any debris at the workstation or corridors of the office and unwanted spoiled items in bathroom areas such as soap, toilet paper, and others.

Take A Better Decision Now

Indeed, hygiene and sanitization are now a priority for business facilities. For ultimate and adequate results, there is nothing better than hiring a day porter. After all, they are jack-of-all-trades and help businesses meet health codes without any hassles. Thus, plan to reshape your office cleaning strategy now by plumping for day porter services.

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