How it works:

Requisite Janitorial Services use of electrostatic sprayers is both highly effective and efficient. Electrostatic sprayers work by using UV technology to positively charge the droplets as they are released from the sprayer. Then the droplets attach to any negative surface. The advantage of using an electrostatic sprayer is that the chemical completely surrounds and attaches to the surface or object being sprayed. For that reason, when using the right chemical, there is no need to wipe away the disinfecting agent. Because there is no wiping away of the chemical, a large area can be covered in a short amount of time. 

Requisite Janitorial Services uses EPA approved chemicals to spray surfaces and objects throughout the environment. Using our professional, efficient cleaning program can provide peace of mind to your employees, guests, and business partners when they enter your facility knowing that effective disinfection procedures have been applied.