Disinfect Before Reopening

Disinfection Plans to defeat COVID--19

Requisite Janitorial Services is offering disinfection cleaning services to many establishments and institutions, including commercial offices, churches, offices, gyms, and schools. We understand what needs to be cleaned, where high-touch areas need special attention, when things should be cleaned, and ways to go about cleaning them. Our services have never been as important as they are right now.

Disinfection involves what you cannot see as much as what you can. Every one of Requisite Janitorial Services’ customers are unique, and as such, we customize our services to accommodate their budgets and needs. We have what it takes to thoroughly disinfect all high touch areas within your facility.

Requisite Janitorial Services utilizes electrostatic sprayers that are efficient and effective. Electrostatic sprayers use UV technology which positively charges droplets once they are emitted from a sprayer. Those droplets attach themselves to negative surfaces. Chemicals surround and attach themselves to an object or surface being sprayed. As such, when the proper chemical is used, the disinfection agent won’t need to be wiped away. Consequentially, a broad area is capable of being covered within a brief period of time. Battery and pump sprayers resemble electrostatic sprayers, but they aren’t capable of positively charging the chemical. Although you are able to briefly cover large areas with a cleaning agent, it must sit on the surface for a longer period and then be wiped away (potentially re-infecting the surface).

Our electrostatic spraying technique uses an EPA-approved, hospital-grade chemical that gets mixed with water before it’s infused with high-pressure air. The spray from the applicator is then charged by electrons which target and eliminate contaminants.  When the droplets get close to their target, even hidden surfaces get coated, thereby providing absolute coverage.

Chemicals that are approved by the EPA are the only cleaning solutions Requisite Janitorial Services will use to spray objects and surfaces to make sure that a chemical kills off infectious bacteria. Hiring our professional cleaning experts will help ensure your facility is protected, clean, and safe. Anyone entering your facility, including staff, guests, and customers, will know that disinfection procedures were effectively applied.