Our Cleaning Process

Our process for cleaning services and customer satisfaction

At Requisite Janitorial, office cleaning and janitorial services start with highly trained janitorial workers for each specific application. Every Requisite Janitorial worker selected for our commercial cleaning team has also received comprehensive professional office cleaning training that includes classroom, written and hands-on instruction. And the training doesn't stop there. Each worker is trained for your specific application and to meet your particular detailed specifications.

Next, each team at each site is well managed with the proper leadership and has the highest respect for the customers that we serve. We follow through. We know how to get the job done right! Our teams are dedicated and committed to performing a superior job every time.


Finally, our process includes Quality Control and continuous Customer Service. Each team leader will review and inspect the work for each commitment to ensure standards have been met or exceeded. Requisite Janitorial account managers and team leaders will also review and assess the job processes and incorporate improvements and customer evaluation feedback into each cleaning and janitorial service for a job site.  Here’s what you can expect, every time:


A trained team of professionals

Quality control

Continuous customer service

Routine follow up

24/7 emergency support

Exceptional Property Care